Research Workshop of Israel Science Foundation

Algebraic Modes of Representations and Nilpotent Orbits:
The Canicular Days.

Celebrating A. Joseph's 75 birthday

19-23 July 2017


Anna Melnikov, University of Haifa


ISF Grant “Geometry of nilpotent orbits and representations”

Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Haifa

University of Haifa

The Center of Mathematics and Scientific Computation, University of Haifa

The Caesarea Rothschild Institute, University of Haifa

Israel Mathematical Union

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The first conference will be held in the Weizmann Institute 16-18 of July, 2017.

For further information on it please contact Maria Gorelik
Invited speakers:

  • C. Bowman (Kent)

  • A. Braun (Haifa)

  • G. Carnovale (Padova)

  • A. Elashvili (Tbilisi)

  • I. Entova-Aizenbud (Beer Sheva)

  • F. Fauquant-Millet (St. Etienne)

  • Y. Fittouhi (Poitiers)

  • L. Fresse (Nancy)

  • C. Hoyt (Rehovot)

  • M. Ignatyev (Samara)

  • A. Joseph (Rehovot)

  • S. Ladkani (Haifa)

  • L. Makar-Limanov (Wayne)

  • M. McGovern (Seattle)

  • D. Panyushev (Moscow)

  • E. Poletaeva (Rio Grande Valley)

  • S. Reif (Ramat-Gan)

  • S. Zelikson (Caen)
    Additional information can be obtained from: A. Melnikov,