Lab Head



Avi Mendelsohn, PhD


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Tel: +972-4-8249054



Lab Manager




Ayelet Ramaty



PhD Students




Batel Yifrah (In collaboration with Dr. Genela Morris)








Amir Assulin

I'm interested in understanding the neural networks and structures that underpin the mechanisms by which memories for narrative are formed and consolidated. For fulfilling this aim, we apply diverse computational methods on fMRI data collected while participants are presented with movie scenes that either form a coherent narrative or do not. 




Daniel Panitz

My project aims at characterizing hippocampal-cortical functional connectivity and their development across the lifespan, by applying novel connectivity methods to a large number of resting-state fMRI scans acquired from an international database.






Nuphar Rotem (in collaboration with Dr. Roee Admon)









Nawras Kurzom

My research attempts to unleash certain neuro-cognitive mechanisms that might underline the 

relationship between music and human memory, by employing an interdisciplinary approach

which incorporates concepts and methods from music theory and composition besides 

neurobiology and cognitive psychology.




    M.Sc. Students



 Limor Shemesh (in collaborations with Dr. Aviva Berkovich-Ohana)

My research examines the connection between autobiographical memory and mindfulness meditation, and specifically differences in hippocampus-cortical functional connectivity patterns between expert meditators and non-meditators. I'm also interested in different characteristics of autobiographical memory that may be unique to expert meditators. 








Reut Binyamin








Yulia Kitan







Anatoly Shneyer 

Anatoly Shneyer






Maya Kay (In collaboration with Dr. Hadas Okon-Singer)










Polina Baskin