IBBRC - The Integrated Brain And Behavior Research Center



The Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center

Brain and behavior research at the University of Haifa holds a unique flavor budding from its close association with the fields of neuroscience and psychology, education and learning disabilities. 

The Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center (IBBRC) at Haifa University was established with the aim of assembling brain and behavior research activity across faculties, departments and disciplines. 

IBBRC aims to promote collaboration among its members, and to enhance national and international research cooperation with leading centers around the world.

Towards that end, the IBBRC organizes bi-annually an international Brain and Behavior meeting at the University of Haifa (see Bi-Annual Meetings).

A parallel aim is to promote Brain and Behavior research students. The IBBRC students participate in its various activities and are given an annual assignment to organize an international symposium

on Brain and Behavior research.

קול קורא למענקי תמיכה בתלמידי מחקר של המרכז למח והתנהגות

המרכז האינטגרטיבי לחקר מח והתנהגות באוניברסיטת חיפה מציע לתלמידי/ות מחקר תמיכה בנסיעות קצרות לכנסים או לתקופת  הכשרה לצורך קידום מחקרם

Director - Prof.Simone Shamay Tsoory

Prof Simone Shamay Tsoory

Founder and Vice director - Prof.Gal Richter Levin

Prof. Gal Richter Levin

Vice Director - Prof. Tomer Schechner