Welcome aboard to our new student Eran Altschuler

25 October 2018

We welcome our new M.Sc. student Eran Altschuler!

Congratulations and warm wishes to our students Inbal and Yosef

27 January 2018

To Inbal for the birth of her daughter, and to Yosef for the birth of his son. We wish them and their families joy and happiness

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New publications

Contrasting aspects of tailswinds and asymmetrical response to crosswinds in soaring migrants

21 February 2018

Becciu, P., Panuccio, M., Catoni, C., Dell'Omo, G., and Sapir, N. 2018. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72(28).  

Hovering hummingbird wing aerodynamics during the annual cycle. II. Implications of wing feather moult

21 February 2018

Achache Y, Sapir N, Elimelech Y. 2018. Hovering hummingbird wing aerodynamics during the annual cycle. II. Implications of wing feather moult. Royal Society Open Science 5: 171766.  

Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements

24 January 2018

Science 359 (6374): 466-469  

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The bird collection, including the collection of Israel Aharoni

Sapir, N. 2014. The bird collection, including the collection of Israel Aharoni. Haasiana (newsletter of the biological collections of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 7:1-8.


The bird collection of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was founded by Prof. I Aharoni (1882 – 1946; Fig. 1), containing specimens collected since 1906, before the establishment of the Hebrew University in 1925. Aharoni was an avid naturalist and a multi-lingual expert in near east and other (e.g., East European) languages. In his autobiographic book, “The Memories of a Hebrew Zoologist” (1943), he stated that “Even before my arrival to the land of Israel, my double life-long goal was clear to me: a) The study of wild animals in their natural habitat, in the birth place of each one of them, and b) The study of the original name of each creature, whom the desert dwellers (who live on their hunting and did not change their culture and way of life since the days of “Abraham” our father) are calling each living animal known to them”. Since his immigration to Israel in 1902, Aharoni travelled many times throughout the entire area between areas that are currently found within the borders of Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, to research the region’s wildlife. During his numerous expeditions throughout the Middle East, he collected specimens for different animal collections and gained expertise in the study of the region’s animals.

About us

We are a group of scientists devoted to the study of animal flight, including animal movement ecology, behavior, physiology and biomechanics. We study wild animals in the field and in the lab using a diversity of research approaches. We welcome applications for M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies and post-doctoral work in our group at the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology at the University of Haifa.