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Dr. Yoram Gerchman


Phone: 972-4-9838728




2000 - Ph.D. (Physiology), Hebrew University

1992 - M.Sc. (Physiology), Hebrew University

1990 - B.Sc. (Biology), Hebrew University


Research Interests

My research interest is within the nascent field of environmental and ecological biochemistry. This field concerns with the biochemistry of interactions between different organisms and between those organisms and their environment. Given the complexity and multidimensionality of these interactions, this field of study is found on multidisciplinary approach, thus naturally includes much collaborative work. In the recent years I have started applying knowledge gained studying such biochemistry to applied science questions – from better enzymes for bio-fuels production, through enhancing algae based bio-fuels, to improved methods for wastewater treatment and reuse in small communities.


Selected Publications

Basu S., Gerchman Y., Collins C.H., Arnold F.H. and Weiss R. (2005). A synthetic multicellular system for programmed pattern formation, Nature 434: 1130-1134.

Milligan A.J., Berman-Frank I., Gerchman Y., Dismukes C.G., Falkowski P.A. (2007). Light-dependent oxygen consumption in nitrogen-fixing Cyanobacteria plays a key role in nitrogenase protection. Journal of Phycology 43(5): 845–52. Selected as "Algae Highlights" of the month.

Gerchman Y., Dodek I., Petichov R., Yerushalmi Y., Lerner A. and Keasar K. (2012) Beyond pollinator attraction: extra-floral displays deter herbivores in a Mediterranean annual plant. Evolutionary Ecology,26(3): 499-512.

Gerchman Y. and Inbar M. (2011) Distinct antimicrobial activities in aphid galls on Pistacia atlantica. Plant Signaling and Behavior, 6(12): 2008-2012.

Gerchman Y., Schnitzer A., Gal R. Mirsky N. and Chinkov N. (2012) A simple rapid GC-FID method for the determination of ethanol from fermentation processes. African Journal of Biotechnology 11(15): 3612-3616.

Gerchman Y., Patichov R. and Zeltzer T. (2012) Lipolytic, proteolytic and cholesterol degrading bacteria from the human cerumen. Current Microbiology 64(6): 588-591.

Samuni-Blank M., Izhaki I., Dearing MD, Gerchman Y., Trablshy B., Lotan A., Karasov WH and Arad Z. Intraspecific directed deterrence by the mustard oil bomb in a desert plant. 22(13): 1218-20 Current Biology.



Biochemistry 1, Biochemistry 2, Environmental Biochemistry.