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Prof. Rachel Ben-Shlomo

Associate Professor

Phone: 972-4-9838921




1996 - PhD (Genetics), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1980 - M.Sc. (Genetics), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1976 - B.Sc. (Biology), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Research Interests

My research interests are centered on the interaction between the environment and an organism’s genetic structure at both the gene and the genomic level. My research has two main foci: molecular population genetics and molecular chronobiology.

In the molecular population genetics tract, my research primarily focuses on the genomic level. Specifically, I focus on the correlations between environmental conditions and genetic variability of different taxonomic groups of plants and animals.

In the molecular chronobiology track, my principal research approach is analysis at the level of the gene. Synchronization of circadian oscillators with the outside world is achieved because light, temperature, and other external temporal cues, have acute effects on the levels of one or more of the clock’s components. My research examines the molecular changes resulting from entrainment processes caused by various environmental cues. It involves testing activation of clock and clock control genes in the main and the peripheral oscillators of ascidians and gall forming aphids.


Selected Publications

Ben-Shlomo, R. and M. Inbar (2012). Patch size of gall-forming aphids: Deme formation revisited. Population Ecology, 54:135-144.

Avrani, S., R. Ben-Shlomo and M. Inbar (2012). Genetic structure of a galling aphid Slavum wertheimae and its host tree Pistacia atlantica across an Irano-Turanian distribution: from fragmentation to speciation? Tree Genetics & Genomes, 8: 811-820.

Ben-Shlomo, R. and U. Shanas (2011). Genetic ecotoxicology of asbestos pollution in the house mouse Mus musculus domesticus. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 18:1264-1269.

Zohar R., I. Izhaki, A. Koplovich and R. Ben-Shlomo (2011). Phytomelatonin in the leaves and fruits of wild perennial plants. Phytochemistry Letters, 4:222-226.

Ben-Shlomo R., E. Reem, J. Duoek and B. Rinkevich (2010). Population genetics of the invasive urochordate species Botryllus schlosseri from South American coasts. Marine Ecology-Progress Series, 412:85-92.

Ben-Shlomo, R. and C.P. Kyriacou (2010). Light pulses administered during the circadian dark phase alter expression of cell cycle associated transcripts in mouse brain. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, 197:65-70.

Ben-Shlomo, R. (2008). The Molecular Basis of Allorecognition in Ascidian. BioEssays, 30:1048-1051.



Undergraduate courses: General Genetics, Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology

Graduate courses: Population Genetics, Biological Clocks