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21-25/02/2016 Haifa winter bioinfo workshop on transcriptomics
18/05/2016 The 18th Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium
5-9/02/2017 Haifa winter workshop on omics of non-model organisms
15/03/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Mickey Kosloff: Deciphering protein-protein interaction specificity using 3D structures
19/04/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Daniel Sher: What controls the dynamics of microorganisms in an aquatic system highly impacted by man?
17/05/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Smadar Ben Tabu de Leon: Comparative studies of expression kinetics reveal developmental constraints and plasticity
07/06/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Lior Cohen
08/11/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Eyal Privman: phylogenomics and population genomics of ants for unraveling the molecular basis of social evolution
29/11/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Rami Reshef: Evolution of somitogenesis or algorithm of myogenic differentiation
20/12/2017 Bioinfo forum meeting - Yuval Nov: Learning context-dependent DNA mutation patterns
10/01/2018 Bioinfo forum meeting - Elah Pick: Evolution of protein modifiers in parasitic protozoans
18-22/02/2018 Haifa winter bioinfo workshop on statistics and data visualization for omics
28/02/2018 Bioinfo forum meeting - Mor Peleg: Goal oriented ontology supported methodology for treatment of multi-morbidities
21/03/2018 Bioinfo forum meeting - Amir Sapir: Analysis of the cholesterol synthesis pathway in animals reveals its surprising
plasticity in evolution
25/04/2018  Bioinfo forum meeting - Rachel Kolodny: Studying reuse patterns in the protein universe
23/05/2018 Bioinfor forum meeting - Genela Morris: Neural correlates of state representation for multidimensional reinforcement learning
30/05/2018 IBM/U Haifa compBio symposium
07/11/2018 Bioinfo forum meeting - Abraham Korol: Interplay of biological and computational challenges in genome mapping
02/12/2018 Bioinfo forum meeting - Danny Statman
26/12/2018 Bioinfo forum meeting - Sarit Avrani
16/01/2019 Bioinfo forum meeting - Shlomo Wagner
17-21/02/2019 Haifa winter workshop on omics of environmental and host-associated microbiomes