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Dr. Amir Sapir


Phone: 972-4-9539615





2004 - PhD (Biology), The Weizmann Institute of Science

1998 - M.Sc. (Biology), The Weizmann Institute of Science

1995 - B.Sc. (Biology), The Hebrew University


Research Interests

In my lab we are studying the role of mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, in development, stress, and aging. We aim to understand how energy production is regulated during the organism life cycle in normal and in extreme habitats such as environments of low oxygen or high salt. In addition, we are investigating how mitochondria activity controls the cholesterol synthesis pathway to bridge a conceptual gap between mitochondria function, signaling cascades, and core metabolic pathways. We wish to understand the molecular details of this regulation in order to develop therapeutic tools to target the cholesterol synthesis pathway whose ill-regulation leads to impaired cholesterol homeostasis— a major challenge of modern medicine.


Selected Publications

Sapir, A., Tsur, A., Koorman, T., Ching, K., Mishra, P., Bardenheier, A., Podolsky, L., Bening-Abu-Shach, U., Boxem, M., Chou, T-F., Broday, L., and Sternberg, PW. (2014). Controlled Sumoylation of the Mevalonate Pathway Enzyme HMGS-1 Regulates Metabolism During Aging. PNAS. 111(37)

Sapir, A., Dillman, AR., Connon ,SA., Grupe, BJ., Ingels, J., Mundo-Ocampo, M., Levin, LA., Baldwin, JG, Orphan, VJ., and Sternberg, PW. (2014). Microsporidia-nematode associations in methane seeps reveal basal fungal parasitism in the deep sea. Front Microbiol.5:43.

Sapir, A., Avinoam, O., Chernomordik, LV., and Podbilewicz, B. (2008). Viral and developmental cell fusion mechanisms: conservation and divergence. Developmental Cell 14(1):11-21.(A review).

Sapir, A,, Choi, J., Leikina, E., Avinoam, O., Valansi, C., Chernomordik, LV., Newman, AP., and Podbilewicz, B. (2007). AFF-1, a Novel FOS-1 regulated Fusogen Mediates Anchor-Cell fusion. Developmental Cell 12(5):683–98.

Preview in: AFF-1, a Novel FOS-1 regulated Fusogen Mediates Anchor-Cell fusion.(2007) White J,M. Developmental Cell 12(5):667-8. Faculty of 1000 review on this paper:

Podbilewicz, B., Leikina, E., Sapir, A., Valansi, C., Suissa, M., Shemer, G., and Chernomordik, LV. (2006). The C. elegans developmental fusogen EFF-1 mediates homotypic fusion in heterologous cells and in vivo. Developmental Cell 11(4):471-81.

Sapir, A., Assa-Kunik, E., Tsruya, R., Schejter, E., and Shilo, BZ. (2005). Unidirectional Notch signaling depends on continuous cleavage of Delta. Development.132(1):123-32.



Introduction to Endocrinology, Endocrinology of the Reproductive System and Control of Metabolism, Embryology, Biology of Aging, Developmental Biology.