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Prof. Ido Izhaki


Phone: 972-4-9838919, 972-4-8249025




1987 - PhD (Environmental Biology), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1980 - B.Sc. (Biology), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Research Interests

My research interests are centered on animal-plant interactions in the east Mediterranean ecosystems. Most of my work has focused on frugivory and nectarivory with an emphasis on mechanisms by which seed dispersers and pollination vectors affect plant fitness and by which plants affect animals' fitness. Over the last years I have focused mainly on the role of secondary metabolites in fruits on seed dispersal and in nectar on pollination and thus on plant fitness. My central hypothesis is that secondary metabolites are mediators of the interactions between plants and their fruit and nectar consumers.


Selected Publications

Izhaki, I. 2002. Emodin - a secondary metabolite with multiple ecological functions in higher plants (a review). New Phytologist 155: 205-217.

Izhaki, I., Tsahar, E., Paluy, I. and Friedman, J. 2002. Within population variation and interrelationships between morphology, nutritional content, and secondary compounds of Rhamnus alaternus fruits. New Phytologist 156: 217-223.

Tsahar, E., Friedman, J. and Izhaki, I. 2002. Impact of fruit removal and seed predation of a secondary metabolite, emodin, in Rhamnus alaternus fruit pulp. Oikos 99: 291-300.

Tadmor-Melamed, H., Markman, S., Arieli, A., Distl, M., Wink, M. and Izhaki I. 2004. Limited ability of Palestine sunbirds (Nectarinia osea) to cope with pyridine alkaloids in nectar of tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca). Functional Ecology 18: 844-850.

Markman, S., Tadmor-Melamed, H., Arieli, A. and Izhaki I. 2006. Sex differences in food intake and digestive constraints in a nectarivorous bird. Journal of Experimental Biology 209: 1058- 1063.

Halpern, M., Senderovich, Y. and Izhaki, I. 2008. Waterfowl - the missing link in epidemic and pandemic cholera dissemination? PLoS Pathogens 4: 1-3.

Samuni-Blank, M., Izhaki, I., Dearing, M.D., Gerchman, Y., Trablshy, B., Lotan, A., Karasov, W.K. and Arad, Z. 2012. Intraspecific directed deterrence by the mustard oil bomb in a desert plant. Current Biology 22: 1-3.




Experimental design and analysis, Experimental Ecology