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Dr. Elad Chiel

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 972-4-9838976,


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2009 - PhD (Evolutionary and Environmental Biology), University of Haifa

1998 - M.Sc. (Plant Protection), The Hebrew University

1996 - B.Sc. (Animal Sciences), The Hebrew University


Research Interests

I'm an entomologist and my research interests are in two main areas, which are not mutually exclusive: 1) biological control of arthropod pests and, 2) insect symbiosis.Current research projects in my lab include:
  1. The diversity and effects of microbial symbionts of housefly parasitoids.
  2. Using pyriproxyfen in IPM programs of filth flies (in collaboration with Dr. Chris Geden, USDA-ARS).
  3. Microbial symbionts of soft scale insects.
  4. Biological control of the lesser mealworm in poultry houses using an entomo-pathogenic fungus (in collaboration with Dr. Dana Ment, ARO).
  5. Conservation biological control of pomegranate pests (the PI in this project is Prof. Tamar Keasar from our department).


Selected Publications

Kishinevsky M, Cohen N, Chiel E, Wajnberg E, Keasar T. 201​8​. ​​Sugar feeding of parasitoids in an agroecosystem: effects of community composition, habitat and vegetation. Insect Conservation and Diversity, ​11:50-57. ​

Betelman K, Caspi-Fluger A, Shamir M, Chiel E. 2017. Identification and characterization of bacterial symbionts in three species of filth fly parasitoids. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 93(9)

Gomez-Polo P, Ballinger M, Lalzar M, Malik A, Ben-Dov Y, Mozes-Daube N, Perlman S, Iasur-Kruh L, Chiel E. 2017. An exceptional family: Ophiocordyceps-allied fungus dominates the microbiome of soft scale insects (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccidae). Molecular Ecology, 26:5855-5868.​​

Biale H, Geden CJ, Chiel E. 2017. ​​Effects of pyriproxifen on wild populations of the house fly, Musca domestica, and compatibility with its principal parasitoids. Pest Management Science, 73:2456-2464.​​

​Kishinevsky M, Keasar T, Harari A, Chiel E. 2017. ​​A comparison of naturally growing vegetation vs. border-planted companion plants for sustaining parasitoids in pomegranate orchards. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 246:117-123.​

Amit L, Ben-Shlomo R, Chiel E. 2017. Are microbial symbionts involved in the speciation of the gall-inducing aphid, Slavum wertheimae? Arthropod-Plant Interactions, 11:475-484.

Kuslitzky W, Chiel E. 2016. Diversity and Abundance of House Fly Pupal Parasitoids in Israel, with First Records of Two Spalangia Species. Environmental Entomology, 45:283-291.

Lavy O, Sher N, Malik A, Chiel E. 2015. Do Bacterial Symbionts Govern Aphid’s Dropping Behavior? Environmental Entomology, 44:588-592.



Entomology, Biological Control, Introduction to Biology, Symbiosis