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The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology

The Department was established in 2002, offers both MSc and PhD programs. A diversity of academic staff comprised of members of the Institute of Evolution and the Biology Department, combined with modernly equipped labs provide for diversity and excellence in research and teaching. Recently, a new MSc track was also opened for bioinformatics in conjunction with the DEEB and the Department of Computer Sciences. Additionally, the Department provides a set of courses for non-biology BA students to learn the basics of environmental and evolutionary biology.

Research interests of faculty members.

DEEB members work on a diversity of basic and applied research combining theoretical work with empirical studies in both the lab and field. Fields of research include: evolutionary processes (from molecules to communities), ecology, biological control, physiology, ethology, bioinformatics, microbiology, genetics, genomics and conservation.

The diversity of habitats over a small geographic range in Israel provides unique opportunities to study ecology and evolution. In particular, the Mount Carmel Biosphere Reserve, beginning at the outskirts of the university campus and adjacent to a bustling metropolitan area, provide unique and convenient opportunities for basic and applied ecological and evolutionary research in both relatively undisturbed and disturbed environments. There is no parallel graduate studies program in Israel that emphasizes and incorporates environmental and evolutionary biology in such a wide magnitude.

The Institute of Evolution Seminars program (joint program for  DEEB and the institute of evolution)


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