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Ph.D. Program

The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology (DEEB), University of Haifa, offers a diverse program in research and coursework. Research scholarships are awarded according to availability and student excellence. Information below provides a sketch of requirements for applying and administrative aspects of the research program. For more information, please contact the departmental secretary.

Terms of Acceptance and Registration

Regular Track. Students eligible for the regular PhD track program are those having a MSc in Life Sciences (such as Biology, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Medical Sciences) with an approved thesis and a MSc grade point average of at least 85. Students with a prior publication record will receive higher priority in ranking candidates.


Direct Track. Students with a BSc degree and demonstrated excellence can apply for this direct PhD track. In addition, students accepted to the MSc program who completed the mandatory courses in their first year for the MSc program with excellence (average of at least 94), and with a defined research theme approved by the supervisor, can apply to be a candidate for the Direct PhD Track.

PhD candidates from universities abroad will be required to take GRE exams.


Supervisor and Research Theme

Candidates who meet the acceptance criteria will be required to secure a potential supervisor (with at least senior lecturer status in the Department). The potential supervisor must provide a letter stating that he approves the preliminary research intentions and agrees to guide the student in his/her research. The PhD candidate must submit as part of his/her application, a short research proposal (letter of intentions) that will include a hypothesis and main research methods.

Required documents

C.V. Format


Research Program and Studies

Once accepted, the research program and coursework will last four years. For obtaining PhD degree, students will have to fulfill the following conditions:

A. Required Courses and Seminars

During the Ph.D. studies, students will participate in the following mandatory courses:

Scientific Writing – 2 h

Experimental Design & Analysis or Advanced Biostatistics – 4 h

Philosophy of Science – 2 h

Ph.D. Seminar in which every student will present his research proposal and research results. Every student is required to participate in two semesters.

B. Research Plan and its Approval

During the first year, students must develop and write a thorough thesis research plan, including any existing preliminary result that is written in Hebrew or English in an accepted format. The research proposal will be judged by external reviewers (in Israel or abroad) selected by the PhD committee. The PhD committee will use these reviews to help decide whether to approve the proposal.

Instructions for research proposal writing

C. Monitoring Progress

Students will be required to submit a yearly progress report signed by the supervisor.

D. Final Dissertation Submission

There are two options for submitting the final Ph.D. dissertation:

1. At least three papers accepted or published in high-quality science journals. The student should be the first author on each article. The articles will constitute the chapters in the final dissertation according the Ph.D. studies regulations.

2. Standard Thesis. In this case, the final dissertation should not exceed 100 pages, not including appendices.

After submitting the final thesis, the student must present a final seminar lecture on the thesis.

E. Final Dissertation judgment

After the supervisors’ approval to submit the final dissertation, the dissertation will be passed on for approval for external evaluation by both the Departmental PhD committee and Advanced Studies Authority.