Interdisciplinary Brain and Behavior Research Center.

The Laboratory for Molecular Pathways in the Resolution of Inflammation

Cellular and molecular immunology of the inflammation.
דוקטור עמירם אריאל

Research Areas: Longevity, epigenomic, WGS, WES, GWAS.
Prof. Gil Atzmon​

The Laboratory of Neurobiology of Learning & Memory

Cellular mechanisms underlying learning and memory in the mammalian brain.
Prof.Edi barkai

The Laboratory of Brest Cancer Dormancy and Metastasis

Research Area : Breast Cancer Recurrence
דוקטור דלית ברקן

Research Areas: Signal transduction, G protein-coupled receptors, cyclooxygenase, degradation, ubiquitination.
דוקטור ליזה ברקי הרינגטון

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics

Molecular Chronobiology, Molecular Ecology, Population Genetics
Dr. Rachel Ben - Shlomo

Laboratory of Sediment Analysis

Geology, marine geology, sedimentology, climate change, paleosesmology, environmental studies.
Dr. Revital Bookman

Laboratory of Computational Biology

Computational Biology - Bioinformatics.
Prof. Alexander Bolshoy

Most generally, we study ecology at various levels - theoretical and applied.

The Center for Computational and Scientific Mathematics

A center for interdisciplinary academic endeavors, excellence in research, a home for youth activities in science.
Prof. Yair Censor

Our research interests are quite diverse within the field of astrophysics and astro-particle physics.
Dr. Doron Chelouche

Genome Diversity Center

Molecular evolution; genome diversity; structural biology
Prof. Edward Trifonov

Laboratory of Pollination Ecology, Institute of Evolution

Prof. Amos Dafni

Laboratory for Plant Genomics and Disease Resistance

Plant Genomics Molecular Plant - Microbe interactions Wild Emmer Wheat and wild barley from Israel as a source for genes for improvment of cultivated wheat and barley Plant Domestication Evolution.
Prof. Tzion Fahima

Research Area : Respiratory physiology, water relations and energetics of terrestrial arthropods in the context of evolution
Dr. Eran Gefen

Apoptotic cell clearance during development Establishment of phagocytic ability The role of phagocytic glia in aging and neurodegeneration

Environmental microbiology
Dr. Malka Halpern

Laboratory of Plant-Animal Interactions

Research Area : Seed dispersal, pollination, bird nutrition
פרופ` עידו יצחקי

Research Areas: Systems neurobiology, learning & memory, language acquisition.
Prof. Avi Karni

Laboratory of Visual Ecology

Research Area :Visual ecology and visually guided behavior in selected species of fishes, reptiles and birds
Prof. Gadi Katzir

Research area: insect behavioral ecology within the framework of pollination and host-parasitoid interactions
Dr. Tamar Keasar

Population genetics of Drosophila, evolution of sex and recombination, evolution of domestication, sequence comparisons on the above-gene level, genome mapping
Prof. Abraham Korol

Deciphering the molecular basis for signal transduction, molecular switches in cancer, structural and computational biology, structural bioinformatics, protein engineering and design, specificity in drug design.
ד"ר מיקי קוזלוב

Research: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of learning & memory.
Prof. Rafi Lamprecht

Molecular mechanisens of cell death and Cancer research, developing novel therapies for cancer
Prof. Sarit Larisch

Areas of research: Defensive plant coloration, visual and chemical signaling by plants, plant domestication and the origin of agriculture, development, meristematic activity, archaeobotany, plant sexuality
Prof. Simcha Lev- Yadun

Haifa U.-Technion String Theory Group

Prof. Gilad Lifschytz

Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Process

Development biology of Cnidarians - Jellyfish and sea anemone
Dr. Tamar Lotan

Research Interests: Neurobiology of fear and extinction memories: focus on system analysis. Effects of stress on fear and extinction across development.
Dr. Mouna Maroun

Research Area : parental care, foraging strategies, dissect of synthetic and natural chemicals on animals
Dr. Shay Markman

Dr. Avi Mendelsohn

Laboratory for Anti Diabetic Natural Products Research

Research Area : diabetes, anti – diabetic natural products, Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF).
Dr. Nitsa Mirsky

Research Area : Fire ecology, pollination and diversity
Prof. Gidi Ne'eman

Evolution of protein complexes
Dr. Elah Pick

Focuses on the understanding of the neurobiology of stress-related disorders, particulary Post- traumatic stress disorder and stress- induced depression.
Prof. Gal Richter - Levin

The Laboratory for Evolutionary Development Investigating the molecular developmental basis of evolutionary change

Dr. Rami Reshef

Form, Function and environment of flying animals
ד"ר ניר ספיר

Exploring how memories are being formed and maintained in the mammalian brain.
פרופ` קובי רוזנבלום

Research Area : Biodiversity and Biology of Endangered Species
Dr. Uri Shanas

Research Area : Tissue specific stem cells, stem cell niche, post-transcriptional regulation, small RNAs, RNA binding proteins, spermatogenesis.
Dr. Hila Toledano

Social behavior, olfaction.
Dr. Shlomo Wagner

Laboratory of Biotechnology & Biodiversity of Fungi

Medical mushrooms & cancer, mushrooms industrial cultivation, biodiversity of fungi of Israel
Prof. Solomon Wasser