Prof.. Gil Rilov

Associate Professor

Department of Marine Biology


Phone: 972-4-8565261

Research interest

My research explores the patterns, dynamics and processes that shape marine communities, especially rocky shores and subtidal reefs. I am interested in the structure of communities and what affects their diversity, including larval recruitment, species interactions (predator-prey, competition, facilitation), bioinvasions, climate change. Recently I have become interested in how communities function and what ecosystem services they provide. I am also very interested in studying ways to protect these fascinating communities, through, for example marine reserves and artificial reefs. ​So far, I have been fortunate to conduct research on the shores of Israel (Mediterranean and Red Sea), the USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile and South Africa, and recently also Crete, Cyprus and Italy (Ischia). I have worked on rocky shores, subtidal reefs, coral reefs and seagrass.