Prof. Mickey Kosloff

Associate Professor

Department of Human Biology


Phone: 972-4-8288996

Research interest

Our main research activities: 1) Understanding the molecular basis for protein-protein interaction specificity among large protein families. 2) Redesigning and engineering proteins as tools to perturb and modulate signaling networks in vivo. 3) Leveraging these insights and tools to address a critical need in drug design � pinpoint drug binding sites that take family-level specificity into account � thereby leading to more specific drugs with reduced side effects for diseases such as hypertension, arrhythmias, neurological disorders, and cancer. To achieve these goals, we combine complementary computational and experimental approaches in a multi-disciplinary strategy. By combining the accuracy of experiments with the mechanistic insights and scalability of computations, we can extend our analysis to the level of whole families and eventually to rewiring of signaling networks at the cellular level.