Prof. Morel Groper

Associate Professor

Department of Marine Technologies


Phone: 972-4-6053605

Research interest

The Subsea Engineering lab, headed by Prof. Morel Groper focuses on research in surface and underwater engineering. In our lab, state-of-the art technologies for unmanned marine vehicles including fascinating solutions in propulsion, manoeuvring and control are being developed. Recent developments include significant upgrades in propulsion and control of hovering autonomous underwater vehicles, novel solutions in path planning, guidance and autonomous navigation of both surface and underwater unmanned vehicles, development of fascinating floaters, oil compensated actuators for deep-sea operation, pressure vessels and sealing methods. We focus on both analytical and experimental research, some of the current research topics include: motion of planing crafts in a seaway, autonomous speed setting of unmanned planing crafts, dynamic modelling and simulation of marine vehicles, development of surface and subsea lagrangian floaters, development of deep sea propulsion components and pressure vessels. In the lab, we perform also research and development in tribology where the lubricant is seawater.