Department of Human Biology Seminar

By Prof. Avi Zadok


The heroic age of polar exploration

Date &Time:

April 24, 2022


Sfadia Auditorium, Multipurpose building
At the end of the nineteenth century, the poles remained the last territories to be claimed on earth. The races to the north and south poles represented the ultimate challenges left for mankind, drawing in the most adventurous with promises of fame and glory to themselves and their countries. Within the span of 20 years, the likes of Nansen, Cook, Peary, Scott, Amundsen, and Shackleton have written their names in history in letters of triumph and tragedy. The races to the poles highlighted much of the good in the human spirit, (as well as a bit of the bad and the ugly). More than 110 years after, and in the warmth and comforts of our homes and laboratories, the stories remain fascinating and relevant as ever.

Prof. Avi Zadok is with the Faculty of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University. He is leading a research group that specializes in optical fibers and photonic devices, but has a lifelong passion for history and for telling these stories. He is the author of 80 journal papers (sadly all about optics…), and the recipient of two ERC grants (Starter in 2015 and Consolidator in 2020). Prof. Zadok was the Chairman of the Israel Young Academy in 2019/2020