Department of Human Biology Seminar

By Dr. Asaf Madi


The induction and resolution of T cell exhaustion in the tumor microenvironment

Date &Time:

May 15, 2022


Sfadia Auditorium, Multipurpose building
Dr. Asaf Madi
Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Abstract: “The importance of our immune system in protecting our body from cancer is well established. Within our immune system multiple lines of evidence show that T cells and more specifically CD8 T cells are a key component of antitumor immunity. These effector cells can infiltrate the tumor and help eradicate tumor cells. However, recent data also indicate that intra-tumoral CD8 T cells often lose their effector functions and become exhausted. I will discuss various mechanisms that potentially set the stage for T cell exhaustion and some preliminary results on the effect of immunotherapies trying to reverse this immune state”.