The Flow Cytometry Service Unit

The Team

Academic Director: Dr. Amiram Ariel
Tel: 04-8288771

Head of Unit : Dr. Sagie Schif
Tel:  04-8288772 (8772)
Office: Room 146-A, Multi Purpose Building


The unit is Located  at 146, Multi Purpose Building

About The Flow Cytometry Unit

The Flow Cytometry Unit contains a FACS CantoII analyzer, a Sony MA900 cell sorter and a work station with the flow analysis software, FlowJo.

All users receive training and guided assistance.

FACS CantoII Analyzer:

The BD FACS CantoII system is an automated benchtop flow cytometry system equipped with three lasers: blue (488-nm, air-cooled, 20-mW solid state), red (633-nm, 17-mW HeNe), and violet (405-nm, 30-mW solid state). It can be used to simultaneously analyze up to 8 fluorescent parameters and 2 scatters.

The analyzer is equipped with the BD FACS Loader that allows walkaway sample introduction to further improve productivity. The BD FACS Loader carousel accommodates up to 40 12×75-mm tubes and automatically loads them on the BD FACSCanto II system without operator intervention.


Apoptosis and Cell Viability
Transfection efficiency
Cell Cycle and DNA Content
Cell Signaling
Calcium flux
Cell proliferation

About The Sorter Unit

Sony MA900 Multi-Application Cell Sorter:
The MA900 from Sony is developed with powerful, modern technologies including a patented micro fluidic chip-based design, comprehensive fluidic controls, and advanced automation that dramatically simplifies operation to make sorting less subjective and improve reliability. Choose from four excitation lasers — 488 nm, 405 nm, 561 nm, and 638 nm — on two beam spots, the MA900 supports choice and flexibility, enabling the detection of fluorescence signals up to 12 fluorescence parameters and two scatter parameters.
With the highest level of automation available on any cell sorter, the MA900 uses sensors, software, and engineering know-how across the workflow from startup to aseptic cleaning, QC, and sort setup. Intelligent automation dramatically simplifies operation and streamlines troubleshooting.
The MA900 offers 70 μm and 100 μm nozzle sizes that meet the needs of most sorting applications. Once events are gated on plots, target cells can be sorted for further analysis. A choice of eight default and five custom sort modes is available to achieve the desired purity and yield of the sorted population. Sort devices supported include 2-way and 4-way tubes as well as 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates.
The MA900 is installed inside a custom class A2 level II biosafety cabinet, which incorporates a built-in aerosol management system that operates independently to actively evacuate aerosols from the sort collection chamber.