​Prof.. Elah Pick

Associate Professor

Department of Biology and Environment

Email: elahpic@research.haifa.ac.il

Phone: 972-4-9838988

Research interest

Our laboratory aims to decipher new CSN functions beyond the canonical functions of CRLs regulation. For that reason, we approach the diverged S. cerevisiae CSN complex (ScCSN) for our studies. The ScCSN does not confer a classic non-enzymatic regulation of CRLs, as it does not affect the stability of typical key cellular substrates such as p27/Sic1 or cyclins. Yet, the ScCSN does harbor a canonical cullin deNEDDylation enzymatic activity, including cross-reaction with mammalian CRLs, suggesting that deNEDDylation is a highly conserved CSN function across phyla.