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Marine Biology



Tomer Sidi

University of Haifa Data Science Research Center

Introducing The Data Science Research Center at the University of Haifa

Tomer Sagi

Department of Information Systems, University of Haifa

Integration for the people – AI-based integration tools for marine scientists

Sfadia Auditorium

Marine Geosciences



Dr. Carynelisa Haspel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by Porous and Amorphous Atmospheric Aerosol

Room 3043, Madrega building

Zoom link



Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology



Prof. Yoram D.  Gutfreund

Dept. of Neurobiology Technion

Sense of space in birds

Seminars room 223 , Institute of Evolution,

Multi-purpose building

Zoom link   password: 637640


Department of Human Biology


Prof. Shlomo Wagner

Sagol department of Neurobiology

Faculty of Natural Sciences ,

University of Haifa

Towards deep phenotyping of social behavior in animal models of neurodevelopmental disorders

Sfadia Auditorium


Sagol Department Of

Neurobiology Department



Prof. Andrew Levy


Rescue of a neurodevelopmental disorder with fever

Zoom link 

Meeting ID: 895 9597 0572


Department of physics



Prof. Noam Soker

The Physics Department in the Technion.

Astrophysical Naturalness

Room 223, Multipurpose Bldg. & over Zoom

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 859 9256 7342

Passcode: 143777